BIOMORPH will be available on PC on March 4 and later on the PS5, Xbox Series, and Switch.

Extended demo now available for PC.


Players in BIOMORPH must use their abilities to explore a large and diverse universe.

Battle dangerous monsters, solve riddles and platforming obstacles, and assume various

forms to unleash their abilities. Take caution, though, as each defeated creature may

return with new and even more deadly abilities. As they battle across the expansive

parts of the city, players will level up their character and gather new skills, artefacts,

and blueprints. The voyage will disclose startling and unexpected details about our hero's


Image credit :lucid dreams studio

Key Features

Discover a Huge World: With 16 different settings that are seamlessly integrated, the game world of BIOMORPH is large and non-linear. It is recommended that players explore various surroundings in order to find hidden areas, engage in optional boss fights, talk with quirky NPCs, and gather upgrades to improve their skills.

Select Your weaponry: BIOMORPH provides players with a range of weaponry to accommodate various play styles. Both melee and ranged weapons are available to players, and each has an upgrade tree that lets them customise and specialise. The ability to equip and upgrade various weapons and skills allows players to design custom builds that are optimised for their preferred fighting style.

Become Your Enemy: In BIOMORPH, players possess the exceptional capability to take on the forms of the opponents they face and defeat them. By doing this, players can employ these enemies' abilities and skills to battle other opponents and traverse difficult terrain.

They Pick Up Your Ways: The game has a sophisticated artificial intelligence system that allows vanquished opponents to pick up on the player's techniques and plans. These opponents may have new capabilities and skills when players go back to regions they've already visited, making for exciting and unpredictable battles.

Customise a Village: As the game goes on, players will have the chance to reconstruct Blightmoor and engage with its populace. Players can discover more about the history of the town and the people that live there by making friends. Furthermore, players have the ability to alter the city's design, giving them the opportunity to create a distinctive and customised experience.

Overall, BIOMORPH combines aspects of character customisation, combat, and exploration to create a deep and engaging gaming experience. The vast globe and inventive mechanisms of the game promise to provide gamers endless hours of exciting gameplay and exploration.

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