Release Date Confirmed for Star Wars: Dark Forces Remaster

The much awaited Star Wars: Dark Forces remake will be out on February 28, 2024. That applies to the Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Xbox S.

image credit: steam

The beloved first-person shooter game Star Wars: Dark Forces by LucasArts was initially published in 1995. Arriving just under 30 years later, this remaster is being worked on by Nightdive Studios, the video game restoration expert behind the highly acclaimed remasters of Quake and Turok as well as the System Shock remake.

On contemporary gaming platforms, Star Wars: Dark Forces Remaster can operate at up to 4K resolution and 120 frames per second (not on the Switch version). High-resolution textures, improved lighting and rendering, "upgraded gameplay," and compatibility with console gamepads with platform-specific capabilities are also mentioned.

You take on the role of Kyle Katarn in Star Wars: Dark Forces, an ex-Emperor who is now a hired mercenary. After Katarn enlists in the Rebel Alliance, he sneaks inside the Empire and discovers the Dark Trooper Project. In 2020, a potent new line of Imperial battle droids and power-armoured stormtroopers appeared in The Mandalorian television series.

Key features

Up to 4K 120FPS visuals:

This means that the game can support smooth frame rates and high-resolution graphics, giving players an immersive visual experience. It works with a number of platforms, including as PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and 5, and Series X|S.

Advanced 3D rendering:To produce realistic lighting and atmospheric effects, the game makes use of

advanced rendering techniques, which improves players' overall visual quality and


Modern gamepad support:This feature features motion/gyro controls for accurate targeting or immersive

interactions, a new weapon wheel for quick access to in-game items, and rumble

feedback for tactile feedback during gaming.

Trophies and Achievements:When players finish certain missions or hit game milestones, they might receive

trophies or achievements. This feature increases the replay value and sense of

achievement for gamers on Windows PCs through Steam, as well as on PlayStation and

Xbox consoles.

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