Earth Defense Force 6 (PS5, PS4) - March 14


Following the world's devastating defeat of the enigmatic "Primers" invaders, humanity is still struggling to recover. Earth faces new dangers to its own existence, with society hanging by a thread and a startling 90% of the world's people wiped out. It is now the year 2027, three years after the terrifying events of Earth Defense Force 5, and the planet is still tense. Tensions amongst species are exacerbated by alien colonists, survivors of the Primers' assault, while invasive species abound in Earth's abandoned ruins and unknown depths. With chaos threatening to engulf humankind once more, the Earth Defense Force appears as humanity's last hope, tasked with defending the planet from hostile alien forces and solving the riddles surrounding A massive ring-shaped object that has menacingly appeared in the sky.

Earth Defense Force 6 - Announcement Trailer | PS5 & PS4 Games

Players take part in an intense battle for survival in Earth Defense Force 6: Last Stand, with the survival of humanity hanging in the balance. Players take on the difficult task of protecting Earth from impending extinction, uniting with the Earth Defense Force to take on the invading alien danger head-on. Every choice they make as they descend into danger and uncertainty will determine whether humanity survives or falls into the abyss. Players must muster all of their bravery, skill, and fortitude in the face of tremendous odds in order to withstand the tide of destruction and ensure humanity's survival in the middle of the chaos of war.

key feature

Select a Class: Choose from the well-known Ranger, Air Raider, Wing Diver, or Fencer classes; each is equipped with advanced equipment and enhanced abilities necessary to take on the extraterrestrial threat. There is a class that fits your playstyle, whether you like heavy artillery, tactical support, aerial superiority, or adaptable weaponry.

Fight for Humanity: Fight ferociously against a wide range of hostile extraterrestrial species that are determined to destroy Earth. Use sly tactics and take advantage of enemy weaknesses to shift the balance of power in favour of mankind. In the pursuit of ensuring the planet's future, every encounter presents a challenge to your abilities and fortitude. 

Numerous adventures: Players will always find new obstacles to overcome and weapons and equipment to add to their arsenal as they go on the hundreds of fresh adventures available. There is no shortage of action in store, from epic showdowns against towering monstrosities to urban battles.

Join forces with pals for unmatched cooperative gaming in "Team Up for Victory." Gather groups of four or more for online adventures, or play exhilarating two-player split-screen cooperative games. By uniting against the extraterrestrial menace, you will demonstrate the strength of humanity. 

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