Flex X Cop's ratings are up, and Park Hyung Sik's Doctor Slump is dominating global Netflix trends

Despite AFC Asian Cup coverage, shows like Captivating the King, Knight Flower, Flex x Cop, Korea-Khitan War, and Doctor Slump continue to get large audiences.

Doctor Slump: Park Hyung Sik and Park Shin Hye',(Netflix)

In the world of classic rom-coms, Park Hyung Sik and Park Shin Hye's most recent K-drama, Doctor Slump, has become a phenomenon. The medical drama has dominated international charts ever since its Netflix premiere and has continued to receive high ratings in the home country. AFC Asian Cup coverage gave several weekend dramas like Knight Flower, Flex X Cop, Korea Khitan War, and others competition, but they managed to maintain their popularity last night.

Holding steadfast, Doctor Slump

A Nielsen Korea poll shows that the third episode of JTBC's "Doctor Slump," which aired on February 3, has held its national average rating at 5.1 percent. This steady performance reflects a continuous level of audience interest and is consistent with the show's viewership from the previous week. With the fourth episode scheduled to premiere on January 4th, there is hopeful expectation that the numbers will rise. The expectation of a possible increase in the number of viewers highlights how dynamic audience participation is and how story developments affect Korean dramas' commercial success. Watching how the show develops in the upcoming episodes will provide important information about how it is received and performs overall in the cutthroat television market.atch Doctor Slu

In the global list of the top 10 non-English TV series, "Doctor Slump," starring Park Hyung Sik and Park Shin Hye, has gained a remarkable ninth spot. Amidst a scene dominated by rival programmes like Song Kang's "My Demon" and Ji Chang Wook's "Welcome to Samdalri," the 16-episode drama has won praise from critics worldwide for its gripping plot. The show centres on two doctors who were rivals in high school as they navigate the challenges of their careers, and it has found popularity among a wide range of people worldwide. The fact that "Doctor Slump" is ranked ninth shows how well-liked the show is overall and how compelling the performances of its main stars are. As the drama gains popularity across the globe, it confirms its position as a notable andsignificant contribution to the global non-English television landscape.

Knight Flower is at the top of the ratings list.

According to a recent Nielsen Korea report that smashed ratings records on Saturday, MBC's popular drama "Knight Flower" is still commanding its time slot. The show received its highest-ever rating of 12.6 percent on the national average. This amazing accomplishment demonstrates the show's lasting popularity and the strong relationship it has developed with viewers. The remarkable boost in ratings on Saturdays, indicating a higher degree of viewer involvement, highlights the dramatic series' ability to captivate a broad audience. "Knight Flower" becomes a dominant force in the competitive Korean television drama industry as it continues to expand.

Ratings for Flex x Cop surge

Recently, SBS's drama "Flex x Cop," starring Ahn Bo Hyun, has been running in the coveted time slot that Knight Flower once held. The show has maintained a constant national average rating of 6.3. The accessibility and viewership of the show are increased by its availability on Disney Plus. In the meantime, viewers of KBS 2TV's historical drama "Korea-Khitan War" saw a little drop, averaging 9.7 percent after originally breaking into the double digits. On tvN’s, the fifth episode of Netflix's highly regarded series "Captivating the King" saw a sharp decline in ratings, which dropped to 3.9 percent. These variations in viewership demonstrate how active the Korean drama scene is and how varied the audience's tastes are.

A number of factors, such as story developments, competition for time slots, and the streaming services where the episodes are offered, might affect viewership trends. Therefore, it's critical to keep up with the most recent ratings from dependable sources in order to assess the popularity and success of these dramas in the cutthroat Korean entertainment market.

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